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I’ve been a bad blogger. I blame it on being busy with school, work, spinning, and knitting.

A new friend came to live with me! She is a Bosworth Spindle made from purpleheart. She weighs about 34 grams and spins like a tornado.


We are getting along together pretty well. She is even helping me spin this month’s spindler challenge. The theme is time travel. I have appropriately decided to spin a yarn inspired by the Back to the Future trilogy. The fiber is BFL in the Pulsar colorway from CorgiHillFarm.

Back to the future



I’ve been enjoying my spring break! I’ve been spinning and crocheting. I’ve been working on several spinning projects. I’m also crocheting a baby blanket for a friend, which I haven’t taken pictures of yet.


Targhee fiber on my wheel. The colors remind me of the Joker from the Batman comics


FO- Corridale fiber N-ply on the fly on my turkish


BFL/Tussah Silk being spun on my russian spindle.

I’ve even done a little shopping after taxes.

Leviathan Polwarth Fiber

6.2 oz of Polwarth Fiber from CorgiHillFarm called Leviathan


Red line Agate square whorl spindle from butterflygirldesigns.

And that is pretty much what I’ve been up to lately. Cheers!

WIP Wednesday

I have a spinning WIP to share. I’ve been navajo plying on the fly on my Threads Thru Time Turkish Spindle. Nothin’ like instant gratification =)


If the Turkish and Navajo peoples had ever met…

I’ve always wondered, “Can you Navajo ply-on-the-fly on a Turkish spindle?” After pondering a way to do this, I have done exactly that. I came home from work today and after watching a video on this technique, I figured it out! I incorporated some of the basic steps, but altered some to work with a half hitch instead of a hook. I had asked around on ravelry to see if anyone else knew how to do this, and I couldn’t get a straight answer anywhere. If anyone is interested I could post pictures of how to do it or make a video maybe. I’m still new at it, but I think it could be really helpful.

Spinning Blue Moon Fiber Arts Corriedale that I got from Stitches West 2011


>Tuesday FO

>Another FO to share. 100 yards of Merino/Silk top from Lisa Souza Dyeworks in Colorway Skydrama. This is my first successful Navajo ply and I must say that I’m thrilled with it. It’s the best yarn I’ve made so far.

Sky Drama

>Lookie here!

>What a great weekend I have been having! Saturday was spinning guild day. We made polymer clay drop spindles. Some of them turned out great and some of them didn’t.

All of the spindling around me has made me yearn to pick up a spindle. So, I have been looking at Turkish spindles. The concept and design I find quite beautiful. I love how the cops are made into plying balls while you are spinning your singles. Needless to say, I bought one from threadsthrutime. The colors just kind of jumped out at me. The spindle weighs about 1.4 oz and is best suited for fingering-sport weight yarn.

To accompany this beauty, I bought 4 oz. of targhee combed top from bluedogfibers. I’ve heard from several people that Targhee is great for spinning socks as it is very springy.

Also, I finished the calorimetry last night. It turned out fabulous and I am going to make another one tonight. Looking forward to sharing many FO’s this week. Have a great week guys!

>Learning New Tricks

>So, I’ve been practicing woolen long draw over the weekend. I didn’t think I was going to be about to do it considering that most of my fiber isn’t very fluffy. Then, the light bulb went off and I remembered that I had some Perrendale Romney fiber from when I bought my wheel. A whole 8 oz. of it, which is definitely enough for practice.
At first I was having some trouble, not due to the technique itself, but my wheel was not behaving properly. I’ve found that one of my bobbins makes a god awful chatter while spinning and it doesn’t spin as well as the others. I tightened up all the screws and gave the moving parts a good oiling. I came to the conclusion that it must be the bobbin. So, I switched bobbins and everything was magical again.
I must say, the woolen long draw is fast and much easier than the inch worm worsted technique I had been using.   I filled up a bobbin in less than an hour. It’s kind of amazing to watch because you let the twist just travel up through the fiber and even it out as you go. I wish I had a picture to show you guys, but lighting has not been all that great this weekend.
Also, this weekend I spent some time with Chris, my new fiber friend that I met at serendipity spinners. She’s a very nice and cool person. We just hung out at the park and crocheted. She worked on her toddler’s pea coat and I worked on Dina’s baby blanket. Good times 🙂

I hope everyone is having a super fabulous week. I will be trying to enjoy it as much as possible because school starts again next week for me!